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103 Osbourne Solera Reserva Brandy de Jerez 36%

70cl, 36% – Jerez, Spain

103 is named after the number of days spent at sea, without touching dry land, by Hernando de Magallanes and Juan Sebastian El Cano, during their round-the-world adventure which began in 1519. 103 Solera Reserva starts with a careful selection of wines, distilled in Osborne’s own distillery, founded in 1880. Through careful, artisanal distillation, different styles of rich eaux-de-vie are produced, these are then aged in American oak, Sherry-seasoned casks through the traditional Criaderas and Solera system. 103 Solera Reserva is intensely aromatic on the nose, with hints of nuts and aromas of spicy oak, and flavours of cocoa and vanilla.