. Chase Elderflower Liqueur


50cl, 20% – Herefordshire, England

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The perfect compliment to champagne, cocktails and even desserts, Chase Elderflower Liqueur has a beautiful flavour reminiscent of English Summer days. The natural elderflower flavour is imparted by macerating the freshest blooms of the elderflower with our naturally smooth and creamy Chase Vodka as the base. By carefully pressing these fresh elderflowers, we achieve the best taste without using any artificial ingredients or heat methods. The result is a delectable velvety finish with a wonderful fruity floral finish. Nose: Clear, deep, rich yellow. Powerful elderflower nose. Palate: Excellent balance of alcohol and sweetness. Finish: Full hit of elderflower flavour, very rounded and long on the finish. Recommended Serve: Use to create a delicious Twinkle cocktail by combining with Champagne or English sparkling wine and a dash of Chase Vodka and Chase Elderflower Liqueur.