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Fonseca Siroco White Port

75cl, 20% – Douro, Portugal

Malvasia Fina, Gouveio, Viosinho, Rabigato, Arinto blend. Produced mainly from Mavasia Fina in the Douro Superior. Siroco is made in the traditional way, by foot treading, but fermented for longer than red ports in order to create a dry finish. This one is aged in wood for 4 years which produces a lovely nutty palate. Pale, straw colour. A superb balance of ripe fruit, delicate acidity and elegant notes of wood aging. Full, fruity and clean on the mouth, this wine has a glorious lingering finish. Traditionally served chilled as an aperitif. It can be drunk over ice, with tonic and mint, accompanied by salted almonds or olives.



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