Kwai Feh Lychee liqueur

70cl, 20% – Netherlands

Named after Lady Yang Kuei Fei, the beautiful concubine of the last emperor of the T’ang dynasty, Hsuan Tsung. She loved fresh lychee fruit and the emperor had the fruit brought from Canton, Southern China 600 miles to his northern palace.

Flavoured with natural essences, it comes with a charming story about one of China’s most known dynasty origins.

Aroma: Yoghurt/ dairy-like nose with subtle lychee flavours masked with aromas of berries and faint woodiness.

taste: sweet and sour, somewhat acidic palate with raspberry herbal tea flavours dominating faint lychee and hints of orange and rose water.

Finish: lingering acidity with more pronounced, authentic lychee flavours continuing to build.


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16 in stock

16 in stock