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Mentzendorff Kummel – 50cl 38%

50cl, 38% – France

In 1851 Ludwig established Mentzendorff & Co and began selling Kummel in London. Mentzendorff Kummel continues to be sold in the UK by the company which retains the name of its founder to this day.

This digestif liqueur is made by macerating caraway seeds for 12 hours overnight in a pot still charged with neutral alcohol and water. Distillation starts in the morning and lasts 7 hours. The distillare is then mixed with water and sugar before filtering and bottling.

It has an elegant aroma of caraway, cumin liquorice, teak oil and spearmint. The syrupy mouthfeel is quickly taken over by powerful cumin spice, turmeric, cinnamon, aniseed and a peppery cloe tingle. The aftertaste fades with lingering caraway, light clove-led spice and emerging chalkness.