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Mozart Gold Chocolate Liqueur 50cl 17%

50cl, 17% – Austria

Producers of the world famous Mozart Liqueurs range, the Mozart Distillerie (previously known as H.C. König) resides in the Austrian city of Salzburg, birthplace of prolific Classical era composer, Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart. The company began making spirits in 1954 and have been making their wonderful chocolate-based liqueurs for over 30 years.

All the way from Salzburg, Austria, comes Mozart Gold Chocolate Cream Liqueur! Built around the brilliance of dark Belgian chocolate (which, in turn, was made using beans from West Africa), this expression also features Bourbon vanilla, cream, sugar and spirit made from sugar beets.

Nose: Thick, creamy aromas of custard, milk chocolate and raisins.

Palate: Rich palate entry with melted chocolate, cinnamon and custard. Prune and cocoa.

Finish: Chocolate custard and butterscotch-flavoured Angel Delight


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