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Rebel Kentucky Bourbon – Tawny Port Finish 45%

70cl, 45% – USA

This bourbon has been given a finishing period in Tawny Port casks, introducing a generous helping of red fruit sweetness to its palate, which works very well with the creamy corn and rye spiciness at its heart. 4 yo Rebel Kentucky Straight Bourbon is finished for an additional 6 months in Tawny Port wine season casks, which imparted some excellent black fruit flavours, combined with sweet raisins, toffee and dark chocolate.

Nose: Melted butter, raisin, flaked almonds, savoury pepper notes.

Palate: Cherry and chocolate come to the fore, with corn and caramel in the background.

Finish: Dried fruit lasts, with a dusting of nutmeg.



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