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Ruinart Rose

Champagne, France

45% Chardonnay, 55% Pinot Noir (18-19% made in red wine). 20-25% of the blend comes from reserve wines from 2 previous wines.

This rosé champagne has all the hallmarks of the classic Ruinart taste, with its unique chardonnay-led freshness complementing the indulgent fruitiness of the pinot noir. The colour is a delicate pomegranate pink with very slightly orange reflections. The nose is subtle and fresh, first offering an original palette of tropical fruits (guava and lychee) and small berries (raspberries, cherries and wild strawberries) in the first instance. These are followed by rose and pomegranate.

Perfect withsome Parma ham, mi-cuit salmon, leg of milk-fed lamb, veal fillet, berry soup with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.